11 08

Louis Group× Taipei Bar Association × Korea North Chungcheong Bar Association

Our partner lawyer Tako Yu as Vice Chairman of the International Affairs Committee,

11 03

Louis Group ×Freedom system

Our partner lawyer Tako Yu was invited by Freedom system to share the risk control tips by using Microsoft office 365 in Taichung.

10 31

Louis Group x Red Dot Design Award

Louis Group is the official partner of Red Dot Design Award in 2017. Devoted helping to turn the good design into good business. Louis Group shared how to plan IP layout for the Design industry.

10 26

Louis Group × MUI

Louis Group visited Sincung Halal for Taiwan Co.,Ltd. They're the only one Taiwanese company which authorized by MUI (Indonesia's top Muslim clerical body) From 2019 in Indonesia, all the product without Halal Certification will be fined. 80% of the 200 million people in Indonesia was Muslim. Which makes Halal Certification a key entre point for Taiwanese business. Our partner lawyer Tako Yu. hope that we can help the Taiwanese company in Intellectual Property Right and legal problems when entre Indonesia market.

10 20

Louis Group× New strategies for Asia Pacific investment: The forum of sharing business opportunities for biomedical industry

Louis Group is going to co-organize 【New strategies for Asia Pacific investment: The forum of sharing business opportunities for biomedical industry event】

10 17

Louis Group Global Talent Internship Program

Louis Group is focused on international talents and exchange. We're honored to have Spanish lawyer Gina Guix Costa and Brazilian lawyer Paula Romaguera Mello joint our international intern plan. Our partner lawyer Tako Yu mentioned that, in order to be aline with this fast-paced world, we need to act even faster.

10 17

Welcome Brazilian lawyer Paula Romaguera Mello come to LouisGroup for legal practice.

Welcome Brazilian lawyer Paula Romaguera Mello come to LouisGroup for the one-month legal practice and training course. Lawyer Paula was introduced by the International Rotary Club to the firm to study intellectual property law, and the partner lawyer Tako Yu thanked Rotary Club for its efforts to develop a regular exchange between Taiwan and the international community. It's very helpful to raise the notability of Taiwan internationally.
read more: https://www.facebook.com/louisipo/posts/1843999055917118

10 06

Louis Group visits Indonesian Electronic Commerce Association

10 01


Louis Group was invited to participate in the "New South East New International Talent Strategy Press Conference" organized by the Global Brand Management Association. Louis Group has been supporting the ASEAN and Indian talent program, the new ASEAN entrepreneurship Association STARTBOARD is announced, LouisGroup will also fully support. The press conference was held regards to the direction of the future international talent strategy of the industry. Over 50 guests came to join this conference, hope the enterprise can work together to make more international talent stay in Taiwan.

09 27

Louis visits the biggest geosynthetics company -ACE

LouisGrop team visited Taiwan's largest green sustainable materials geo synthetics plant – Gold -joint Industry, Gold -joint Industry set up a TAF certification laboratory for the global product certification system is one of the most complete manufacturers, is the first Taiwanese Textile Industry has the carbon footprint certification, the green engineering system successfully export to 65 countries. President Tsai has visited several times, Gold -joint through the combination of textile expertise and civil engineering, the successful use of the embankment, hillside, walls. At present, Japan's high-speed rail walls are also using this method.
Gold -joint trying to diversify the operation, using unique weaving technology and equipment for its own knitted handbags brand.

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