09 27

Louis visits the biggest geosynthetics company -ACE

LouisGrop team visited Taiwan's largest green sustainable materials geo synthetics plant – Gold -joint Industry, Gold -joint Industry set up a TAF certification laboratory for the global product certification system is one of the most complete manufacturers, is the first Taiwanese Textile Industry has the carbon footprint certification, the green engineering system successfully export to 65 countries. President Tsai has visited several times, Gold -joint through the combination of textile expertise and civil engineering, the successful use of the embankment, hillside, walls. At present, Japan's high-speed rail walls are also using this method.
Gold -joint trying to diversify the operation, using unique weaving technology and equipment for its own knitted handbags brand.

09 26

Tokuyo x RedDot x LouisGroup

LouisGroup invited Red Dot Taiwan Executive Director Joy Wen-Hsuan Cheng sharing international award-winning products with the president of leading massage chair brand in Taiwan –Tokuyo Fred Nien. Hope to promote Taiwanese brand through the international design competition in the near future!

08 17

Louis Group CSR x Vietnamese night

Raymond Yu, Partner, Louis & Charles Attorneys at Law who represented as International affairs, Taipei Bar Assiciation was invited to Vietnamese night held by STARTBOARD. Louis Group supports STARTBOARD to assist vietnamese startups to build up their business in Taiwan.

07 28

Louis Group x ideas show@ APEC

Congrats! Heath Egg, 5breakfast, Vietnamese Startup Vnimation stood on Ideas show@APEC stage, and competed with startups from APEC countries. It is appreciated that ideas has dedicated in Taiwan startups for 10 years. We believe that with support by IDEAS Show+ Incubator Program, Taiwan startups can board to global market step by step!

07 10

the 2017 Red Dot Salon hosted by Red Dot Design

Yesterday marked the 2017 Red Dot Salon hosted by Red Dot Design. Joy Cheng, the Director of Red Dot Taiwan, was the host. J. W. Cheng, Managing Partner, Louis international Patent Office, spoke on the topics of “Design Patent Overview and Future Trends”. Raymond Yu, partner, Louis&Charles attorneys at Law, spoke on the subjects of “Legal Issues on the Layout of Intellectual Property and Marketization of Commodities”. Both speakers shared their wisdom and experience with the designers. We look forward to seeing many great designs in the future!

read more: https://www.facebook.com/louisilf/posts/1180008645444310
07 03

Louis Group x Red Dot Design

Today, when being distinctive is important, protecting the uniqueness of a design is necessary, as the unique look invites look alike through imitation. Design patent provides greater security to designers while facing the capital market competition. And Louis Group is honored to be invited to ‘Red Dot Design Salon’, to share our global intellectual property experience and provide a guideline to fight against piracy. 

In the era of design piracy, skill and innovation must be partnered with a security of design for successful commercialization. In order to encourage young designers to learn more about design patents, the Louis Group sponsors the applications of 10 of the 2017 Red Dot Winners’ design patents and will also provide a free consultation to boost the commercial success of designers.
Time: 6/28(Wed.) 14:00~17:00
Taiwan Red Dot Design Executive Director Joy Wen-Hsuan Cheng
Louis International Patent Office Managing Partner J.W. Cheng
Louis International Patent Office Consultant Raymond Yu

06 02

Louis x Ministry of Culture

Louis is honored to be invited by Taiwan design center to be a speaker of workshop on intellectual property rights and creative industries held by Ministry of Culture. Partner Raymond Yu and Louis international patent office, Director of Trademark Dep., Margaret shared how important IP rights are for creative industry.

05 16

GBMA established the Global Brands A-team(GBA)

GBMA established the Global Brands A-team(GBA) last week in addition to assisting the Taiwan brand industry to form the A-TEAM to enter Asean-Indian market. Louis & Charles Attorneys at Law, Managing Partner Raymond Yu was present and showed his support for the GBA. There were the valuable guests including Yang Chih-Ching Secretary General, Industrial Development Bureau, MOEA, Eugene Chien, Chairman, Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy, Chi-hsien Lee, President, Taiwan Stock Exchange, Chien-Yuan Lin, Chairman, Taiwan Smart City Association, Hsin-Ming Kao, CEO, Marketech International Corp., Chuck Chen, Partner, C.Y. LEE & Partners Architects. The Asean- Indian incubator-STARTBOARD batches( Aimazing & Research Stash &Dong yo) and members were there and met the great mentors. It finds that there are lots of the talents embracing the entrepreneur power, which urges us to improve the ecosystem more friendly.

05 10

It is honored that Louis Group was invited to be the supervisor of Tic100a+ x TXA private board of directors.

It is honored that Louis Group was invited to be the supervisor of Tic100a+ x TXA private board of directors. Charge Y.C. Chaung, Director, Department of Japan was present at it while they provided professional advice on innovative and legal practice areas.

05 04

Louis Group visited the best brand of plumbing product, Globe Union.

Louis Group visited the best brand of plumbing product, Globe Union, which acquired the American 80-year history bathroom brand GERBER with seven sub-brands. Currently Globe Union takes the North American bathroom market share of the top five brands, and it also owns distributor of homeboutique. 
Globe Union is detoved in R&D and innovation., such as flush-free dry toilet, anti-fingerprint coating. It is so admired that Globe Union integratesd manufacturing to branding.
Louis &Charles Attorneys at Law, Partner Raymond Yu said Louis looks forward to be a consultant on global IP & Legal strategy partner. 

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