05 02

Congratulations to Wisp from TEC on winning the top 5 of NTU Challenge.

Congratulations to Wisp from TEC on winning the top 5 of NTU Challenge. Wisp combines jewelry with IOT, and Introduces a new concept of sensual jewelry. It is going to break the stereotype of wearable technology.

05 01

Louis Group x EDN innovation x TXA private board of directors

It is honored that Louis Group was invited to be the supervisor of Innovation edn x TXA private board of directors. Louis & Charles attorneys at law,Partner, Raymond Yu and Louis International Patent Office, Deputy managing partner, B.J. Pan were present at it while they provided professional advice on innovative and legal areas.
Guest On Board Members:
Fupei Wang , Managing Director, Ogilvy Public Relations
Independent Director: 
Toshio Sugano, Industrialization Director, Nanoelectronic Technology Division/ Electronic and Optoelectronic System Research Laboratories 
Rich Lee / Senior Strategy & Technical Consultant , IBM
Yvonne Chen / Parter , WI Harper Group
Quentin You/ Chief Business Officer , Atelligent Global Consulting Corp.
Raymond Yu , Parter, 遠東萬佳法律事務所 Louis & Charles Attorneys at Law
B.J Pan , Deputy Managing Partner, Louis International Patent Office
David Pan, COO, KPMG Enterprise

04 28


As a partner of GBMA, Louis Group supports ASEAN Inida startup incubator - STARTBOARD. We visited Tsai,Ching-Hwa, Political Deputy Minister of Ministry of Education. We look forward to improve the the entrepreneur ecosystem for ASEAN India Students!

04 26

Louis Group X DongWoD

Sumitomo Chemical, South Korea Representative DongWoD Zhang Huan ,Director and In-Kak Song Manager .
Korea DooHo IP Law Firm, Joon Ho Lee,Managing Partner visited us to discuss the layout of intellectual property such as Japan, Korea, Taiwan and mainland China.

04 11

Louis Group x GBMA X Taipei city

As a partner of GBMA, Louis Lin, Chairman of GBMA, Vincent Ho, Deputy Director of Operations of iii IDEAS , Raymond Yu, Partner of Louis&Charles Attorneys at Law, visited Taipei city Mayer and commissioner of department of economic development, Taipei city government last Sunday to report on the three-year GGC program. And next step is going to build a global talent entrepreneur ecosystem with Taipei city government!
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04 11

Louis Group CSR X GGC

2017 is the third year of GGC project founded by GMBA. As a partner, Louis Group is going to continuously support GGC program! The roadshows were great success. Looking forward that there will be more international talents staying in Taiwan!

03 17

Louis Group CSR X TEC

It was glad that Louis Group officially becomes a partner of Taidah Entreprenuership Center(TEC)! TEC's PM Chiayo Kuo is welcome to Louis. Deputy managing partner C.P. Chang and Consultant Raymond Yu joined the signing of the memorandum. Louis is looking forward to the cooperation with TEC!

03 17

Louis Group is hiring now!

In order to improve our customer service, Louis group Taichung branch is hiring now!   

03 06

Louis Group X NCTU Industrial Accelerator

It was glad that NCTU Industrial Accelerator (IAPS) recommended one of their teams to Louis International Patent Office for IP consulting service. Louis International Patent Office, Deputy managing partner, B.J. Pang, and Louis & Charles Attorneys at Law, Partner, Raymond Yu attended the meeting. After being a partner of IAPS, this is the first team which we provided IP services, and the project manager of IAPS even came all the way from Hsinchu to Taipei to join the meeting together. It is very impressive. We look forward that teams can combine IP with business strategy and it will accelerate the development of teams.

03 01

Louis Group ; CSR

To remember the founder Mr. Chen Tsanhui, registration of "Chen Tsanhui memorial scholarship" is now open in Graduate institute of intellectual property, National Taipei University of Technology.

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